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  • FAQs

    Is your company locally owned?
    General Pest Solutions, LLC is locally owned and operated. We have been involved in the pest control industry for over 20 years in every aspect of pest control including memberships to South Carolina Pest Control Association, the Greater Charleston Pest Control Association, and the National Pest Management Association.

    When applying pesticides into your home We always apply the recommended application rate stated on the label.
    The product is applied mostly into cracks and crevices, baseboards and any hidden voids that may be out of sight. The idea is to create a trap for the insects inside their living spaces, which is usually in walls, crawlspaces, cabinetry and other areas. The outside will also be treated with an exterior labeled pesticide, Since 95 % of all pest problems come from the outside.

    Sometimes it may take a little longer until the chemical finally takes full effect. Should you have problems with insects between your regular services, please give us a call and we will come out at no additional charge.

    The outdoor chemical is designed to last through wet weather conditions but sometimes the heavy showers can breakdown the barrier sooner if conditions stay saturated. Our treatments are tailored to weather conditions in Charleston SC.

    How much is this going to cost me?
    Each of our services are priced a little differently depending on the size of your home or business, the type of service, the time and materials being used and the type of pest being treated. Normally, we can give you a very good idea of pricing just by calling in and listening to your description of the situation

    Do I have to sign a contract?
    That is completely up to you. We believe in providing excellence in service.

    How soon can your guy come out?
    General Pest Solutions, LLC strives to ensure that our licensed technicians respond as immediately as necessary. For general pest control issues, we will normally schedule service between 24 to 48 hrs and sometimes the same day.

    Do you guarantee your work?
    We believe in integrity and quality service. We will do our absolute best to make sure that you are happy with the quality and results of your service. Different types of pests are guaranteed differently. When you call us to receive your free estimate, we would be happy to explain the guarantees.

    Can you come out and give me an estimate?
    For residential customers, we can normally give you an estimate over the phone. If an inspection is required, there is an inspection fee that will be waived if services are rendered.

    Can I pay with a credit card?
    Absolutely. We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. You can even request that your credit card number be kept on file and automatically charged after each service.

    Do I get any discounts for prepaying?
    You sure do! All customers who pay a year in advance receive a 15% discount on regular pest control services.

    Will the stuff you’re using take care of other bugs?
    When doing a treatment for general pest control, the products we use are effectively on a large array of pests. The product is effective on spiders, ants, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, pill bugs, silverfish and many more. Your licensed technician will then use additional products, as needed, depending on the particular problem you are having.

    Will the stuff you use harm my pets or infant?
    General Pest Solutions, LLC technicians understand that the label on the product is the law. Therefore, utilizing these products according to the law ensures that they are used effectively and safely. We recommend that pets and infants stay out of any areas treated by a liquid until that liquid has had time to dry, otherwise your technician or the office staff will notify you of any additional precautions that should be taken. For instance, when treating for fleas and bed bugs, we do require that all pets and residents in the home leave the home for a period of at least 3 hours. Our licensed technicians have been trained to go as “green” as possible. Therefore, inspections, monitoring activity levels, watching for structural problems and communicating with our customers are some of the best tools we have at our disposal.

    Does the stuff you use smell?
    A majority of the products used do not have any scent at all. Some of our “green” products have a citrus, wintergreen or grape scent to them. Please note, if you request strictly “green” products, these scents can be somewhat overwhelming due to the level of concentration. Otherwise, it is extremely rare that customers even know a product has been used. If we need to use a product with a strong odor, we will notify prior to using it.

    Will the stuff you use stain my carpet, curtains or wood flooring?
    Our licensed technicians will be sure to use products that will not stain your carpet, curtains or wood flooring. There are certain products that leave a white dusty residue. Depending on the areas being treated, our licensed technicians will use different products in order to avoid leaving any residue.

    How long do we have to leave our home for the service?
    For general pest control services, you do not have to leave at all. There are certain medical situations where we will recommend that the customer leave the area. For instance, we would recommend for customers on oxygen to leave the home long enough to be sure that all “the dust settles” from our visit before reentering the home. There are other services where we do require customers to leave their home. For instance, flea treatments require that all pets and residents leave the home for four to six hours. This allows time for the products we use to settle before anyone reenters the home.

    I’m clean… How did I get these? Where are they coming from?
    It depends on what you have. General pests are looking for food, water and shelter. They don’t need much to survive, so even the cleanest home can be attractive to pests.

    Can you just fog my house?
    We are capable of fogging your home, but it probably isn’t the best method to eradicate what you have. There are high risks involved with fumigants. We offer much safer, cleaner, quicker and more effective ways to solve the problem. However, if you have used any foggers or any other product trying to take care of the problem on your own, please let your technician know. Some products are repellents and some products are attractants. We need to know what has already been used in order to make sure we use the best product for the job.

    What experience or training do your technicians have?
    All of our technicians are licensed and/or certified for structural pest control, turf and ornamental and public health by Department of Pesticide Regulation SC. All of our technicians take turns attending the Pest Control Association training available throughout the year. DPR requires ongoing training in order to keep licenses current. In addition, we require all technicians to continuously train and test in order to create a continuously educational environment.

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