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  • Pest Control Summerville and Pest Control Charleston SC Tri County Area

  • Temp Vents / Moisture Barrier / Crawlspace Clean Out

    Moisture Barrier and Temp Vents Installation in Summerville SC and Charleston SC Tri County Areas.

    Does your crawl space has humidity? If so, you may be in need of a Moisture barrier. A crawl space with no moisture barrier installed is considered not done, and can cause issues such as mold and pest infestations. The moisture barrier helps to negate these effects, leaving your crawl space dry and free of pests or damage. General Pest Solutions, LLC will install a moisture barrier and/or Temp Vents in your crawl space and make sure that the foundation of your house or business will be dry and free of any damage or pests.

    Without proper moisture barrier you may experience the following unpleasant results:

    • Invites mold and fungus to the space
    • Attracts termites to destroy any wood surfaces
    • Reduces your indoor air quality above
    • Draws rodents, critters, and other insects

    we're experts in proactively identifying and correcting conditions to protect your property. With affordable solutions for moisture control, we’ll minimize conditions favorable to pests and help protect against water damage and fungi.

    Running the vapor barrier up the foundation walls is recommended. But in locations like the Tri County Area where termites are a problem, the height to which the vapor barrier can be run will be limited. If the vapor barrier is run up the crawl space wall to the level of the floor joists, termites could build mud tunnels on the foundation wall that would be hidden from view.