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    General Pest Solutions, LLC is providing affordable Mosquito Control Summerville SC and Mosquito Control Charleston SC and Tri County Areas. In Charleston with the warm weather throughout the year to enjoy but also brings Mosquitoes.

    Mosquito Control

    To many, most mosquitoes look and act the same. However, this could not be farther from the truth. In total, there are over 170 mosquito species in the United States and over 3,000 species worldwide. These different species have different habits, including what time of day they are most active.

    Mosquitoes found buzzing about during the morning and late afternoon hours typically belong to the genus Aedes. Known picnic crashers and annoying pool guests, these mosquitoes can also be deadly if they choose to bite. Aedes-type mosquitoes are known for spreading pathogens that cause the Zika Virus, DengueChikungunya and Yellow Fever.

    If you’re being plagued by mosquitoes that seem to always be active at night, chances are they belong to the genus Culex. These bothersome pests are known for carrying the pathogen that causes West Nile Virus. If you’re experiencing mosquitoes who are active through the night into dawn, they are most likely Anopheles mosquitoes. These stubborn pests are known to spread Malaria among humans.

    Barrier spray mosquito treatments work right away – and keep working for weeks.

    When you contact General Pest Solutions, LLC for mosquito control, a trained technician will treat your yard with an effective barrier spray that eliminates Mosquitoes for about three weeks. Using a backpack sprayer designed for precise application, your technician targets shrubs and plants with a barrier spray that kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to foliage, where it acts as a mosquito repellent for weeks to come. 

    We also inspect your property for active larvae populations and treat them accordingly. Your technician will help you identify potential mosquito breeding grounds in your yard and recommend ways to eliminate standing water. 

    All mosquito control services can be scheduled at your convenience, whether you are at home or not. As long as your property is accessible, you can trust your technician to let you know your yard has been treated.


    Monthly Service: $35 (up to 1 acre)

    (More than an acre to be determine by technician)

    *Mosquito season is March thru October

    *Pay 7 months mosquito season in full and receive 1 month free


    • Eliminate areas of standing water around the home, including those that are more obvious, such as birdbaths, baby pools, flowerpots and unchanged pet water bowls, as well as those that are often overlooked, such as gutters, fence posts with caps, wheelbarrows, buckets, tarps on boats and grill covers.
    • Fill in any ditches or swampy areas the create puddling water, or keep them drained. If there are any stumps on the property, these should be removed or filled with mortar.
    • To keep outdoor recycling containers from accumulating water, drill drainage holes on the bottom.
    • Inspect and clean gutters annually, or more frequently if there are trees on the property that tend to drop their leaves on the roof or directly into the drain, causing them to clog.
    • Although mosquitoes do not reproduce in tall grass or shrubs, these areas can provide harborage for mosquitoes, especially in shaded areas. Keep grass cut short, shrubs and trees trimmed, and keep low brush eliminated or well maintained.

    PREVENTING BITES. While all these steps can help reduce or eliminate conducive conditions, it is impossible to completely eliminate mosquitoes. Thus, it is also important for consumers to understand ways they can protect themselves from mosquitoes. 

    • Keep mosquitoes out of the home by ensuring all windows and doors are screened and in good condition — repairing even the smallest tear or hole.
    • If clients are planning to be outdoors for extended periods, suggest they wear long pants and sleeves and use an insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon-eucalyptus.
    • It is especially important to wear effective insect repellents and protective clothing if traveling outside the United States. Mosquito-borne diseases that may be rare in the U.S. are common in many other countries.

    Most species of mosquitoes are most active between dusk and dawn, so taking precautions and minimizing activity then is most critical.  “it is important to note that the species of mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus are daytime biters, so you need to take the same precautions during the day.”

    Typical mosquito breeding sources are:

    Stagnant Water, Ponds, Lakes, Brackish Swamps, Ditches, Salt Marshes, Old Tires, Tree Pots, Puddles, Clogged Gutters, Buckets


    Backyard pool

    General Pest Solutions, LLC technicians have the latest methods to find where mosquitoes like to rest and treat those areas to kill off the adult mosquitoes from around your home. The treatments can last for weeks and we can find places that might have eggs or larvae and eliminate them, too.



    A certain segment of the population is actually allergic to mosquito bites. Young children, the elderly and people with immune system disorders are more likely to experience bad mosquito bites than the general population, although some people are just more sensitive to the proteins found in mosquito saliva than others. How can you tell if you’re experiencing an allergic mosquito bite reaction? Signs to watch for include:

    A large area of itching and/or swelling that extends beyond a small red bump
    Bruising around the site of the bite
    Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
    An outbreak of hives around the bite
    The presence of skin lesions around the bite
    Swelling of the throat, wheezing and shortness of breath, which may indicate the presence of a potentially life-threatening condition known as anaphylaxis
    If any of these symptoms occur, seek medical attention as quickly as possible, especially in the case of anaphylaxis.


    Another way “average” mosquito bites can turn into a bad reaction is if they become infected. Bites can become infected if you accidentally scratch the bite open, allowing for bacteria to penetrate the wound. Immediate treatment after the bite can alleviate the itching and reduce the chances of the area getting infected. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water, and apply ice to reduce the swelling. Use calamine lotion or anti-itch cream to reduce the itching and discomfort. You should also take an antihistamine to help prevent a stronger mosquito bite reaction from occurring.

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