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    Find an earwig in your ear lately? While earwigs don’t purposely search out human heads to inhabit, the ear canal does closely resemble the kind of environment earwigs prefer when hiding out during the day or giving birth, hence the name earwig. These nuisance pests are omnivorous and can be found crawling around outside where they love to forage in a lawn or garden, feasting on flowers, plant roots, fruits, vegetables and leaves. A single female can lay up to 80 eggs in an inch or two of soil which hatch within two weeks


    Silverfish, like many unwanted nuisance pests, come out mostly at night due to their intense fear of light. This is a good thing, because seeing a bevy of these unsettling-looking bugs roaming around during the daylight inside or outside of your home would indicate they have already identified a food source and have taken up residence. Silverfish prefer breads, cereals, sugary meals and drywall tapping mud but will eat almost anything resembling their normal fare. They typically inhabit moist areas and in urban environments, like high humidity and are commonly found in attics, basements, bathtubs, sinks, showers and wall voids.



  • Pest Control Summerville SC and Pest Control Charleston SC Tri County Area