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    Spider Control in Summerville and Charleston SC Tri County Areas.

    Spiders thrive in warm climates, Charleston SC is certainly home to its share of poisonous arachnids. When these spiders enter buildings in search of food or warmth, they can cause serious harm to the health of the inhabitants.

    Black/Brown Widow

    Black widows can be identified by their black bodies and the red hourglass markings on their abdomens. The venom of female black widows is about 15 times as potent as rattlesnake venom. Their bites lead to symptoms such as pain, cramping, nausea, vomiting, and constricted breathing. They are typically not lethal to healthy adults, but they can be fatal to small children and elderly people.

    Brown Recluses

    Brown recluses are tan with brown violin patterns below their heads. They are relatively small spiders and can easily hide in shoes and clothing. Their bites are not painful at first, but they often cause severe tissue damage around the bite area.

    Wolf Spiders

    Wolf spiders are highly aggressive hunters, and they will attack and bite humans when threatened. Their venom is not particularly dangerous, but their bites leave painful bumps on the skin. They are among the most common spiders in Sugar Land, as well as Texas, and the average back yard can support hundreds or even thousands of them. Don't let these pests infest your home.

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  • Pest Control Summerville SC and Pest Control Charleston SC Tri County Area